HELM Argentina presents SKYFLD 2.0, the modern version of its intelligent platform for digital agriculture

Improved on a new interface to facilitate its use, SKYFLD 2.0 enables the creation of fertilization or variable rate seeding with up to 10 different layers of information; it uses a 36-month historical record of biomass map and among other features, it allows knowing seven days in advance the weather forecast.

Mauro Edalian

Managing Director

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Buenos Aires, March 3 2021

HELM, a German family firm with more than 120 years of experience, leader in the global distribution of chemicals, fertilizers, crop protection products and pharmaceuticals, obtained ISO certification 9001: 2015 from the Bureau Veritas Organization (International Standardization Organization or ISO for its acronym in English), for having complied with all the demands and international quality standards in its corporate Management System, introduced SKYFLD 2.0, the new version of its smart device for digital farming.

On Wednesday March 3, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. on the terrace of the eighth floor of the Hilton Buenos Aires hotel, it was held the presentation cocktail of SKYFLD 2.0 - exclusively for the press - before a small group of people and with the implementation of all health safety and hygiene protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic context.

The welcome speech was delivered by Lic. Fernando Lespiau - Global Sales Manager and Project Director of SKYFLD - Crop Protection Division of HELM, who thanked those who were present and introduced Mauro Edalian, General Manager of HELM Argentina, who led the presentation of the company. "Since 2003, HELM has been present in Argentina and since then our efforts have been aimed at providing solutions of excellence in crop protection, investing in technology and research, with the responsibility of caring for the environment and promoting sustainable habits", stated Mauro Edalian, General Manager of HELM Argentina.

The event continued with the participation of Federico Mayer, CEO and Founder of Club Agtech, who shared his view on the current technological reality, referring to a context of change worldwide and the reasons for it. "Let us understand that it is really not a time of change but rather a change of time," he said. And he continued "The tools are necessary to process information and have, at present, the particularity of being at hand, literally". Also, during his speech he highlighted “all these changes generate a new consumer. And this new consumer, in fact, are billions of new consumers around the planet, who demand sustainable habits, sustainable food and responsible actions to take care of the environment”, he added. “The key point is to understand that data is essential to be able to manage and satisfy the multiple needs that the producer has and that they pose to him/her. In this sense, the challenge will be “to find cutting-edge technological solutions that allow data and information to be processed despite a pandemic context, recurring economic crises and climate change”, emphasized Mayer.

At around 6 PM, Fernando Lespiau performed the technical presentation of SKYFLD 2.0, who detailed the features and advanced characteristics of the renewed technological tool and emphasized that the technological platform also has, like the entire portfolio of HELM crop protection products, the seal of German quality. "We have been working tirelessly on improving SKYFLD since its initial version in early 2020 to provide agricultural producers with a cutting-edge technological solution, even more efficient and sustainable and to obtain better results in their production processes optimizing times and resources. With the development of SKYFLD 2.0, we are convinced that we have achieved it”, stated Fernando Lespiau, Global Channel Marketing Manager – Crop Protection Global Division of HELM.

By the end of the presentation, Esteban Videla Pearson, head of Digital Agriculture at HELM Argentina gave details about the new functions of the tool and upcoming challenges in relation to the implementation of variable rate seeding and variable fertilizations and, together with Ag. Eng. Pablo Panza, Advisor to the Southeast of the Province of Buenos Aires, who has tested the tool for a year, gave a demonstration about the new platform and Ag. Eng. Pablo Panza also told about his experience and advantages that he managed to obtain as a SKYFLD user, from its initial version. “SKYFLD 2.0 will facilitate the uploading of field and crop information anytime, anywhere. With the new features, the producer will have in the palm of his hand the intelligent solution to manage his crops, optimize resources and work time, increase the profitability of the business and guarantee better results ”, said Videla Pearson.

New features of version SKYFLD 2.0:

  • Friendlier interface to facilitate its use.
  • 36-month historical record of biomass map to make better decisions.
  • Safe data exchange.
  • Possibility of making fertilization or variable rate seedingwith up to 10 different layers of information.
  • Ability to add yield maps and soil maps to the zoning added to the biomass maps.
  • Possibility of weighing the level of importance of the information layers.
  • Monitoring function. Add pins where relevant events have been seen in the lot, or the possibility of marking an area of ​​interest.
  • New climate module, which allows knowing the weather forecast seven days in advance. Extensive weather information with 48h and 7-day preview, two-year historical weather overview, digital rain gauge, and much more

Advanced SKYFLD 2.0 features that maximize profitability

  • SKYFLD 2.0 is compatible to integrate the prescriptions with more than 70 monitor models.
  • Easy data uploading, uploading your field boundaries on sign up, uploading documents and pictures to supplement your scouting notes, and uploading yield and soil maps. 
  • Biomass maps: SKYFLD biomass maps collect information and provide a simple and quick overview of the health and evolution of crops at the field and lot level anticipating any problems during the growing season.
  • Seeding Maps: it allows optimal seeding density throughout the lot and ensures that each zone in the lot receives the optimal seeding density. Through satellite imagery, soil and yield maps, SKYFLD allows users to identify different soil zones within their plots. It easily creates and exports variable seeding maps based on up to ten layers of information.
  • Fertilizer maps: it facilitates the fertilization strategy, creating variable fertilization maps based on biomass maps and soil maps to increase productivity through nutrient management adapted to the different areas of the field. In addition, it facilitates:
    • Eliminating the over and under application of nutrients.
    • Zoning the application of fertilizers.
    • Adapting zoning and inputs based on your experience.
    • Tracking nutrient supply to your field.    

Plant Growth Regulator Maps:
The beginning of applications with precise objectives. With SKYFLD PGR maps you ensure that each zone of your field receives the optimum application rate of PGR. Prevent scorch from over application and ensure you keep you crops standing.

SKYFLD 2.0 is the producer's strategic partner to contribute to the planning and monitoring of their crops, the production of high quality food with a focus on sustainability and the strengthening of their ecological and economic balance. With SKYFLD 2.0 it is possible to monitor crop development, distribute inputs responsibly and efficiently, analyze historical records and use soil and yield maps so that decision making during the campaign is smarter and more profitable.

HELM Argentina celebrates its first 18 years of experience in the country and it is deeply committed to support the growth of the agricultural sector and its value chain, promoting sustainable, innovative and quality development. 

About HELM

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SKYFLD® is a new, independent, online digital farming platform that helps manage farming operations. In Argentina, it will be launched on the market during the second half of 2020. SKYFLD delivers biomass maps updated every 5 days and with a resolution of 5m x 5m. The use that can be given to the maps is to develop recommendations for fertilization and variable planting, as well as monitoring the progress of crops remotely. In turn, the digital tool offers weather information from nearby weather stations and free access. More information at https:/www.skyfld.com.