HELM Argentina launches fungicide to combat Late Blight in Potato

It is RANMAN® a traslaminar and contact fungicide, preventive and antisporulant, with high persistence and resistance to washing by rain, and excellent environmental profile.

Mauro Edalian

Managing Director

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Buenos Aires, October 2020

HELM, a German family company with more than 120 years of experience and with presence in Argentina since 2003, a leader in the global distribution of chemicals, fertilizers, crop protection products and pharmaceuticals, presented RANMAN®, a fungicide whose molecule Cyazofamid that belongs to Ishihara Sangyo Kaisya Ltd. (ISK) is unique in the market for the control of late blight in potatoes (Phytophtora infestans), and it is also environmentally friendly.

The market launch of RANMAN®, HELM's new product to combat Late Blight in potato, took place on October 22 and was in charge of renowned national and international speakers who presented the development and benefits of the new product to a virtual audience made up of distributors, advisers and potato producers, special guests and journalists from the agricultural sector.

"The losses worldwide by Phytophtora exceed 6 billion dollars", stated in her presentation Dr. Florencia Lucca, from the PROPAPA Mycology and Bacteriology Laboratory (INTA Balcarce).And she added "Potato cultivation is ranked third in the world, therefore, P. infestans is presented as a threat to food safety."

Some special characteristics and benefits of RANMAN®:

  • Very low EII (Environmental Impact Index)
  • Very good toxicological and ecotoxicological profile. Not phytotoxic.
  • Very low dosage. 80g ai /ha
  • Does not generate cross resistance with other fungicides.
  • New mode of action on the market. Ideal for anti-resistance strategies.
  • Strong rainfastness
  • Protection of tubers against Phytophtora
  • Protection of new shoots
  • Effect of “Sanitation”
  • Excellent field performance
  • Multiple effects on the disease life cycle
  • Long cycle by cycle control
  • Active ingredient: Cyazofamid

The welcome of the event was in charge of Agr. Eng. Osvaldo Barreiro, Commercial Manager of HELM Argentina, followed by the institutional presentation of HELM Argentina by Mg. Mauro Edalian its General Manager.

Next, Munekazu Ogawa and Yuji Tsuruta, responsible for Sales and Marketing for America respectively, spoke about the development of the product by the ISK, and Agr. Eng. Juan Carlos Gariglio, ISK Development Manager, presented the technical characteristics of the RANMAN® fungicide. Finally, Ag. Eng. Christian Alessio, HELM Argentina's Technical Sales Representative of Córdoba Sur elaborated on the company's portfolio for potatoes, and Dr. Florencia Lucca, PROPAPA Mycology and Bacteriology Laboratory, INTA Balcarce, spoke about the Phytophthora infestans or Late Blight in potato today considered a reemerging pathogen.

Late blight in potato is a disease caused by an oomycete, and it is the most important stress in potato crops, being extensive for tomatoes and other nightshades.

The event was closed by the well-known fictional character Eber Ludueña (Luis Rubio), who shared anecdotes and funny experiences to finish the day with a smile.

With presence in Argentina since 2003, HELM Argentina leads the crop protection product segment, provides personalized advice in each region of Argentina and guarantees the early detection of new active ingredients for the development and updating of all its products.

About HELM

Founded and maintained as a family business HELM is today one of the largest chemical companies in the world, with its own offices and alliances in more than 35 countries. Through its structure of 1600 employees, it supports its clients using its experience as a global distributor, but with a local focus. Globally, the company moves 14 million tons of products and invoices more than EUR 5 billion per year. More information at https:/www.helmag.com.


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About ISK

Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha Ltd. (ISK) is a Japanese chemical company founded in 1920. Today ISK is known as the pioneer of agrochemical business in Japan, and having their business all over the world with originally developed active ingredients for herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. ISK’s consolidated sales are around USD 1 billion per year. More information at https://www.iskweb.co.jp/eng/.

About Ranman®

Both Ranman® and its active ingredient Cyazofamid have developed and registered by ISK in Argentina.

Ranman® is a trademark owned by ISK.