Crop protection and technology: HELM Argentina presents all its latest news at Expoagro digital 2020

With a virtual institutional stand, HELM Argentina will be present at the first edition of Expoagro Digital on September 9 and 10, presenting the latest news in crop protection products and making all technological innovation available to the producer by the hand of SKYFLD, its innovative digital farming tool.

Buenos Aires, September 2020

HELM, a German family business with more than 120 years of experience, a leader in the global distribution of chemicals, fertilizers, crop protection products and pharmaceuticals, will be present at the first edition of Expoagro Digital on September 9 and 10, 2020 presenting the latest news in Herbicides and Fungicides of its line of products for crop protection and exhibiting SKYFLD, its innovative digital agriculture tool that will allow the agricultural producer to manage online data of planting, fertilization and agricultural production.

The presence of HELM Argentina in the virtual agribusiness exhibition aims to present the latest solutions in phytosanitary products composed of German quality formulations, field proven efficacy and excellence in packaging, a value proposition and professionalism to combat weeds and protect crops.

In its range of Herbicides, the company presents two products: Adelfos Zeta and Austak Axit. The first, Adelfos Zeta, is the perfect solution for the control of broadleaf and grass weeds in fallows such as Flax-leaf fleabane; Indian Goosegrass, Yard-grass or Goosegrass; Capin; Barnyard grass or Cockspur grass; Amaranthus quitensis, Ataco; Guacho Corn; Stipa spp; Sonchus spp, and Aleppo Sorghum in Soybean, Sunflower and Peanut crops.

Combining two different modes of action makes it very effective in fighting Amaranthusspp, Conyzaspp, and annual grasses, and it is compatible with insecticides, fungicides, and fertilizers. It has a high degree of crop safety with a long-lasting residual effect, without pH or geographical restrictions and an ideal solution for direct sowing and conventional tillage.

On the other hand, Austak Axit is a systemic, hormonal and low volatility herbicide, with a last generation formulation (microemulsion) with clear advantages in the tank mix, offering the lowest volatility in the market, improving the absorption of the product at the plant, reduces the risk of washing by rain, allows the application of a lesser amount of active ingredient per hectare, translating it into a lower environmental impact and without provincial use restrictions.

Ideal to combat: Sowthistle; Scotch broom; Amaranthus quitensis, Ataco; Cress; Cartocolote, Cardus marianus; Shepherd's purse; Chamomile; Spiny cocklebur, Prickly burweed; Quinoa; Duckweed, Little hogweed, among others.

To complete its palette of Fungicides, the company offers Sporane, a systemic fungicide for the control of foliar diseases in garlic, oats, barley, corn, peanuts, beans, soybeans, sorghum and wheat crops. It has a high residuality, efficacy in disease control, avoiding reinfections and avoiding the appearance of resistant strains.

Likewise, during Expoagro Digital, SKYFLD will be exhibited. It is HELM's innovative digital agriculture tool, which offers the possibility of monitoring crops from biomass maps, with satellite images updated every 5 days, providing fertilization recommendations and variable sowing, optimizing crop productivity. Version 2.0 of the tool will be operational at the end of the second half of the year.

“SKYFLD will facilitate the loading of information on fields and crops at any time and in any place. We believe that technological innovation is the most strategic ally to optimize resources, increase profitability and guarantee better results in crops,” said Esteban Videla Pearson, head of Digital Agriculture at HELM Argentina.

With a presence in Argentina since 2003, HELM Argentina leads the crop protection product segment, provides personalized advice in each region of Argentina and guarantees the early detection of new active ingredients for the development and updating of all its products.

About HELM

Founded and maintained as a family business HELM is today one of the largest chemical companies in the world, with its own offices and alliances in more than 35 countries. Through its structure of 1600 employees, it supports its clients using its experience as a global distributor, but with a local focus. Globally, the company moves 14 million tons of products and invoices more than EUR 5 billion per year.
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SKYFLD® is a new, independent, online digital farming platform that helps manage farming operations. In Argentina, it will be launched on the market during the second half of 2020. SKYFLD delivers biomass maps updated every 5 days and with a resolution of 5m x 5m. The use that can be given to the maps is to develop recommendations for fertilization and variable planting, as well as monitoring the progress of crops remotely. In turn, the digital tool offers weather information from nearby weather stations and free access.
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